Wednesday, 17 May 2017

OOTD: Monochromatic Look

Supreme x MC Escher / Supreme / Vans

Black and white, my wardrobes favourite colours. I don't know the reasonings behind my colourless wardrobe but as its coming up to summer I should try branching out and buying coloured clothing!

This look starts with the new MC Escher collaboration with Supreme. I like MC Escher as an artist so to see his work on one of my favourite brands is great. I remember during college studying his work and the 'Eye' picture really stood out to me as a great piece of art. Seeing it in the future on a Supreme long sleeve is great to see. The long sleeve retailed at £50 which I think is a good price for a collaborative item as normally they can be a lot more.

Seeing people wear the Supreme Laces Pants made me really want to find a pair. I found a pair online that I bought for £140, which is quite steep but the quality of the product counters this. I feel like the bottoms really match and work with the long sleeve to create this monochromatic look, especially with the Old Skool Vans. I wear my vans everyday as you can see, so thats why they are in such condition. I quite like them at this 'state' and fit with the genre of style. 

What are you guys wearing today? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks, Harry x

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