Sunday, 7 May 2017

'Summer' Looks

Supreme / Uniqlo x KAWS / H&M x The Weeknd / Nike

I put 'Summer' in quotes as from the looks you'll see today you probably won't see 'Summer'. If you open my wardrobe all you'll see is the colour black. Maybe the occasional pink, blue, purple or even yellow, but majority black. The look above is something I would wear if I was trying to impress someone or get people looking, but honestly who's really looking? Anyways, my hoodie is the Supreme thrills hoodie that retailed for £168 made of 100% cotton. The hoodie feels heavy due to the heavy weight cotton material and the many images that are printed around the hoodie. Some of the images printed around the hoodie are definitely 18+; there's some porn and nudity around the hoodie but its not noticeable unless you really look for it. The jeans I am wearing are the ones I mentioned in my 'Casual Everyday Look' blog post but in black. They are from the H&M x The Weeknd collection in slim fit as I am liking the way 'slim' jeans are fitting me at the moment. Lastly the shoes I am wearing are my classic Nike Air Max 95's in white and black, which I think suit this look and stands out against the other dark colours.

This next fit is similar to the previous one, yet features the independent clothing brand 'UN:IK Clothing' where I am wearing the Essentials Vintage sweatshirt in forest green. This retails at £36 which I think is a really good price for the quality of the product. The fitting is oversized, which I really like and is on trend at the moment, it creates a more relaxed fit rather than a more uncomfortable one. I will leave the link to their website at the bottom of the page if you want to have a look! I am also wearing the Uniqlo X KAWS heart pocket tee underneath this sweat. KAWS is one of my favourite artists; I feel like his work and huge sculptures are unique and something viewers have never seen before. The collaboration was a success as the collection sold out real quick but I managed to purchase the tee for around £12, which I think is great for a good quality, white t-shirt. 

Do you like the outfits I've worn today? Let me know in the comments! Also, comment any other independent clothing brands for me to check out!

Thanks, Harry x

Images by Laura Stobart

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